The Beginning History of my Website

After retiring in 1998 I looked for new interesting and challenging alternative interest to avoid becoming bored. I founded a trucking company later selling it in 2007. I was interested in transportation and how goods were moved. This may have contributed to my evolution into model trains. I continued my search and in 2010 starting collecting model trains. I found this to be fun and very exciting; it took me back to my childhood while also helping me develop an appreciation of the history and fun of toy trains. I then realized that these weren’t “Toys” but a real representation of what shaped the developement of our country and advanced the Quality of Life for us all. My appreciation and fun of these trains has turned into increasing my collections, building my own railroad in my basement and now developing a website offering some of my collections for others to enjoy as I have. Each train when purchased is examined to assure it functions properly and if not it is repaired or noted what is not functioning. When you purchase a collection from my site you can rest assure that you are getting a quality train? As I continue to expand my collection and put them on my website for you to purchase I make sure that I take pictures and make a video of the trains so that you can see how they works. I will always make the effort to understand the train, it’s history and significance to the expansion of our Country. Please share any information you would like so we all can understand each of these pieces of History. When you see an item that you would like to discuss please include the item number (#) in your email. If you want to discuss your collection and possibly parting with some or all of it I am also interested in this. I have grown to love this business it has brought back excitement in my life and I appreciate your feedback and support. Please feel free to contact me to just exchange information and any ideas you have for my future expansion. Many of you have experience, stories and bits of History I would like you to share these with me so I can share them with all of you.

J. J. Johnson

Detroit Policemen (Retired) TCA #12-67956 & LCCA #35879

Livonia, MI 48152